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Improve Operational Decision Making.

Effective utility management demands that utility executives have the ability to monitor key performance indicators, report on accurate and timely data, and produce accurate financial reports to fulfill public accounting and regulatory requirements.

To provide an effective solution, finance systems, processes and the organization must all work together. Westin applies our knowledge of Financial Information Systems and utility management to help you:

  • Track asset value and depreciation to ensure compliance with GASB-34 and other government accounting requirements;
  • Leverage system functionality to streamline business processes such as collection and processing of  financial data related to budget, fixed assets, general ledger, AP/AR, inventory, job cost and payroll;
  • Access information required for financial planning, controlling CIP, and budget monitoring;
  • Maintain reports and records required to ensure high credit and bond rating;
  • Streamline data entry and ensure accuracy through integration with other core business systems;
  • Collect and manage employee status, benefits, qualifications and certifications, training and electronic timekeeping; and
  • Manage purchasing, disbursement, revenue and receipts.

Westin’s project methodology starts by establishing your business requirements. Then we make sure you understand your options and guide you through selection, configuration, system deployment and change management to ensure that your system provides you with the solution you need.

Enterprise Integration

Utilities face increasing service-level expectations. They need reliable information to guide decisions. And they must maximize their efficiency.

Addressing these business concerns requires reliable information about operations, costs, resources, and status. However, related data is often spread across, or buried within, multiple information systems and paper documents, with limited access.

By overcoming this state, organizations can avoid blind spots, redundant efforts and inconsistent reporting. Ultimately they need to understand their actual performance and measure progress.

Business processes often span multiple systems and departments. Enterprise application integration leverages data gathered in one system and makes it accessible to another. This can eliminate redundant data entry, consolidate essential information, improve process cycle times, mitigate risks and barriers and provide a “single version of the truth.”

The resulting business benefits are profound. Enterprise application integration can help utilities:

  • Improve decision-making by leveraging financial and reliability data related to total assets value, materials, labor and services;
  • Improve customer service by expediting service requests, tracking service status, and providing work crews with service history, location and asset condition;
  • Provide geospatial and mapping data for efficient work assignments (routing), customer communication, and locating linear assets and appurtenances; and
  • Gather real-time data about equipment status, condition and alerts to enable preventive and predictive maintenance.

Westin can help you determine your organization’s business objectives, then decide the specific interfaces required as well as the overall strategy for accomplishing your goals.

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Success Stories

RCWD engaged Westin to provide guidance and assistance with a multi-phase project to replace and/or acquire the following systems: Financials, Human Resource, Customer Information, Computerized Maintenance Management, Document Management and Performance Management.

Westin was contracted to provide program management services through the FIS, CIS, and CMMS implementation and consulting services including best practices, Implementation support, data conversion/migration, training support, application integration, custom solution development, and organization change management.

The District implemented Lawson Financials, Advanced Utilities for CIS and Hansen Asset and Work Management modules.

The WMWD Board of Directors approved a Strategic Information Technology Plan which defined a strategic approach to improve the District’s customer service by improving business processes using technologies currently not available at the District. The District’s goals for this project were three-fold. They needed a consultant to ensure that the project
implementations of their chosen ERP and CIS systems (Lawson and Advanced, respectively) were performed in an efficient, effective manner to provide high-quality implementation services to the District. Westin provided oversight and program management services for the fast-tracked ERP and CIS systems.

Upgrading WMWD’s multiple business application systems provided opportunities to reduce paperwork, streamline workflow within and between departments, improve access to information, improve responsiveness to customers, provide improved audit trails, and strengthen security. WMWD implemented a wholly integrated technology and business environment that enables them to be more productive and efficient, allowing them to provide the best service to their customers.

Sentient Technologies, WI | PeopleSoft Implementations

New Resources Consulting was responsible for a comprehensive PeopleSoft deployment to incorporate all Sensient Technologies global entities into the PeopleSoft modules of Core Human Resources / Internal Resume and Talent Acquisition Management and Candidate Gateway.With facilities in thirty-seven (37) countries, installation of the PeopleSoft modules provides the international divisions of Sensient Technologies with the ability to more efficiently develop internal resumes, manage employee data, acquire talent, improve reporting, and streamline business processes.The project, conducted over a ten (10) month period, provides Sensient Technologies employees access to a global employee database to present real-time reports, compensation information, organizational charts, etc. and an internal resume system for international employees for the purpose of talent review, management resource planning, succession management and internal promotions.